The First Interior Architect and Outfitting Event for the Cruise Industry in Asia Cruise

From: Marintec China Category: Expo 03/Dec/2019

To answer the demand from the industry, a new extension, Marintec Interiors will be launched within Marintec China. Located in Hall N4, a dedicated area to bring a total new experience to all attendees at the 2019 event.

Marintec China showcase the complete maritime supply chain shown in 90,000 square-meters exhibition space from shipbuilding raw components, electrical systems, deck and safety equipment, port constructions to shipbuilding systems and technology, and all maritime related products and services.

Out of 2,100 exhibiting companies at Marintec China, 240 were from the cruise shipbuilding industry exhibited at Marintec China 2017.

Feature Areas at Marintec Cruise

The Deck

The Reception

Cabin and Suite

Bar and Restaurant

The Theater

Recreation and Relaxation

Highlights at Marintec Interiors

Open seminars focusing on the cruise shipbuilding market in Asia

Daily happy hours for industry professionals to network

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Marintec China将展示包括 从原材料、动力系统,电气系统,甲板和安全设备,港口建设到造船系统和技术在内的所有海事相关产品和服务等,在90,000平方米展览空间中展示的完整海事供应链。邮轮相关设备、技术是其中的重要展品。

2017, Marintec China2,100家参展公司中,有240家来自邮轮造船业。

本届Marintec China特设邮轮内装展区 —— Marintec Interiors







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