Guidance on COVID-19 Port Restrictions in Week 7 of 2022

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1. Are there any restrictions on vessels whose previous port call was from COVID -19 high risk countries?


Prior to vessel’s arrival, specific documents and information must be submitted to the health authorities to obtain free pratique authorization from the sanitary authorities depending on the situation. These documents need to be submitted to the sanitary authorities 96 hours before arrival at Recalada. If NO crew change is conducted prior 14 days of arrival to Recalada no additional documents/information are required; while if there has been crew changes within the last 14 days prior arrival to Recalada additional documents must be submitted together with free pratique request (See attachment).


- Crew temperature and medical log book 10 days prior arrival to Recalada (DAILY)

- Maritime Declaration of Health


- IMO Crew List. [must state nationality and date/place of embarkation].

- Passenger list [if any].

- Last 10 ports of calls.

- Medicine/Narcotic list. and its use in the last 14 days

- Traveller’s health declaration. [1 per crewmember]

- Daily Body Temperature records till your departure. [Records must be logged twice a day].

- Medical log book, stating stock and usage of medicines. (DAILY)

- Statement by the master regarding any crew change made in the last 14 days. If negative send a NIL list

- Statement from Master declaring that any accommodation/area used by pilots was disinfected and that all precautions were taken by crew when approaching pilots.

- Visitor’s log book for the last 14 days or last port if more than 14 days of navigation. This includes crew interaction with people ashore, stating the purpose for said interaction.

- Owner/Ship protocol in case of Covid-19 symptoms

- Yellow fever vaccination

- Pest Control (Valid)

- If not valid fumigation must be carried out on arrival to the port of destination


2. Are there any restrictions on crew who embarked from COVID -19 high risk countries or specific nationalities?


2.1 Crew change permitted?

Yes, but subject to the following conditions.


- Crew change is authorized for international vessels who have foreign crew members on board if they have completed the COVID-19 vaccination scheme within 14 days before arriving to Argentina.


- When the foreign crew member does not count as having the complete COVID-19 vaccination scheme within the last 14 days before arriving to Argentina, he must carry on with quarantine ashore provided by the Ship Agency. A PCR test will be conducted on the seventh day which must show a negative result so as to complete the quarantine and then proceed with the embarkment.


- Regarding crew members who disembark, they must also comply with the Sanitary protocol for entering the country. On top of the Maritime Declaration of Health, they must produce a negative PCR test performed on board and also complete the COVID-19 vaccination scheme. If they have not completed the COVID-19 vaccination scheme, the Ship Agency must provide a place to perform the quarantine, the crew member will also undergo a PC test on the seventh day and the result must be negative to complete the disembarkation procedure.


3. Any other restrictions due to COVID - 19?

• Quarantine has been lifted.

• Pilotage services are to comply with a Covid19 protocol in line with National Health Authority requirements.

• For Parana River ports, free pratique is not granted at Recalada anchorage, but a “free navigation” is given if documents have been properly submitted. Free pratique is granted upon arrival at loading port. In addition, on arrival at loading port, Sanitation might go on board to grant free pratique and will not allow River pilots to disembark until it is done.

• Quarantine at Bahia Blanca is no longer required.

• All that documentation is additional to usual pre-arrival requirements and must be sent prior to vessel's arrival holding yellow flag, otherwise Free pratique will not be granted.


- In the event that any crew member or passengers present any sickness symptoms, free pratique will not be granted and vessel must comply with quarantine.

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