Line-up of China's Major Bulk Cargo Ports in Week 4 of 2022

From: 港航子午线 Category: E-PORTS 28/Jan/2022

Compared to last week's situation, the two port areas in Bayuquan continue to remain congested, with ships expected to take more than a month to enter the port, while other major Chinese bulk ports are in good condition and are basically not very congested. Vessel operators and managers are advised to plan ahead~


Huanghua Port, located in Huanghua City, Hebei Province, in the middle of the Bohai economic circle, includes a coal port area, a comprehensive port area, a bulk port area and an estuary port area, and is a famous coal port and comprehensive port area. Huanghua Port has become the first bulk port in the world to realize unmanned operation of the whole process, and will be able to export "China's intelligent solutions" for port construction around the world in the future.


There are six berths in the estuary, but they are all relatively shallow, the deepest being only 8.5m, and can only accommodate small ships; in recent years, two 200,000-ton ore quays and channels have been built, making them the longest artificial channels in the world. However, because of the artificial dredging, large ships must wait for the tide to enter and leave the harbour. Otherwise, there is a risk of running aground, so congestion in the harbour is common.