The Guide of Rotterdam Zoo

From: E-PORTS Category: Expo 17/Oct/2019

Rotterdam Zoo, also named Diergaarde Blijdorp, is a zoo in the northwestern part of Rotterdam, one of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands. It is operated by the Stichting Koninklijke Rotterdamse Diergaarde (Royal Rotterdam Zoo Foundation). In 2007, it celebrated its 150th anniversary. Divided into several zoogeographic regions, the 26-hectare (64.25-acre) Blijdorp Zoo boasts well over 180 species. It has a zoo shop, multiple cafes, and an information centre.


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You can for example use the Tourist Day Ticket when you visit Rotterdam Zoo, which is also known as Diergaarde Blijdorp. As one of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands, it is home to a great variety of animals. The Rotterdam Zoo also includes a wide range of exotic trees and plants, making it both a zoo and a botanic garden. The Tourist Day Ticket can be used for any type of public transport to the Rotterdam Zoo and other sights in the South Holland Rotterdam and The Hague region and is available for only €14,50 at participating hotels, operators' service points and various tourist information associations.

Which operators offer transport to the Rotterdam Zoo?

The Tourist Day Ticket is valid when travelling with the RET, HTM, HTMBuzz, Arriva, Connexxion and Waterbus in the entire province of Zuid-Holland. The Tourist Day Ticket is not valid when traveling with train, Fast Ferry, Driehoeksveer, buurtbus, night buses and on bus lines 195 and 295.