[E-PORTS NEWS] 62 Shipping Companies Voluntarily Lowered Port Operation Costs

From: CHINANEWS, edited by E-PORTS Category: Industry 05/Jul/2019

Huang Guansheng, director of the State Port Administration Office, said on July 3 that the port fee reduction work had achieved positive results. 62 shipping companies voluntarily announced to lower port operation costs, which are 5% to 10% lower than before.

According to Huang Guansheng, in order to promote the reduction of compliance costs in the import and export sectors, a leading group for reducing port charges was set up last year. The group is led by the Ministry of Finance and jointly participated by the General Administration of Customs, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Market Regulation with the aim to coordinate and promote the reduction of port charges and has achieved positive results.

The first is to promote the publicity of import and export charges and to implement marked prices for port fees.

The second is to reduce charge items and lower some charging standards set or guided by the government. The charge items for port operations have been reduced from 15 to 11. Starting from April 1 this year, the exchange rate standards for cargo dues and security charges for port facilities have been lowered by 15% and 20% respectively.

The third is to investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal charges. Till now, 8 cases of illegal charges in port and shipping sectors have been publicly exposed.

The fourth is to actively guide relevant service-oriented enterprises to reduce charges. Since March 20 this year, 62 shipping companies including COSCO Shipping and Maersk have voluntarily announced to lower the port operation costs, which are 5% to 10% lower than before.

Huang Guansheng pointed out that in the next stage, supervision and inspection will be strengthened. Before the end of September 2019, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Commerce will guide and urge major international liner shipping companies and freight forwarders to lower charges to enhance the sense of acquisition of import and export enterprises.  Before the end of September 2019, the State Administration of Market Regulation will take the lead in carrying out special supervision of import and export charges, investigate and punish illegal charges according to relevant laws and regulations, and investigate the port operation and service units and enterprises suspected of monopoly.