Line-up of China's Major Bulk Cargo Ports in Week 7 of 2022

From: 港航子午线 Category: E-PORTS 17/Feb/2022

Compared with the congestion of bulk cargo ports last week, the two Bayuquan port areas continue to be congested, and it is expected that it will take more than one month for ships to enter the port. The arrival time of Qingdao port has increased from 2-3 days last week to a maximum of 8 days. Other major bulk cargo ports in China are in good condition. The ship management party is requested to plan in advance~

Located on the edge of the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai port is the main hub port along China's coast and an important port for China's opening to the outside world and participating in the international economic cycle.

In 2021, the container throughput of Shanghai Port exceeded 47 million TEUs, ranking first in the world for 12 consecutive years.


In the first month of 2022, the container throughput of Shanghai Port exceeded 4.35 million TEUs, a record monthly high; The throughput of bulk goods has achieved good results, and a number of production indicators have climbed to a "new high".

Under the epidemic, the global shipping industry is still undergoing in-depth adjustment. Shanghai port is accelerating the digital transformation, improving the port operation potential, reshaping the production mode and carrying out more exploration and practice for the stability and smoothness of the industrial chain supply chain through the unleashing of big data.



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