Global Port Agency Services

E-PORTS connects global port shipping agents, improves the cumbersome communication of traditional emails and phone calls, and uses technology to improve the arrangement, feedback, communication and monitoring of ship matters in port.

Ship Owner
Providing shipping companies with a more scientific way on port affairs.
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Shipping Agent
Helping shipping agents to complete ship service more efficiently.
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One-stop Customized Shipping Solutions
Perfect Services Network
Shipping Agency、Dry Docking、Shipping Supply、Bunkering、Technical Inspection、Port Services etc.
Closed-loop Platform Service
Eliminate Traditional Mail Modes, Secured Transanctions, and Cross-border Communication Online
Visual Information Management
Full Process Tracking, 100% Data Tracing, All Visual Information can be shared
Advantages of E-PORTS
Limitations of Traditional Platforms
Have to connect with multiple suppliers or shipping agencies/freight forwarders
Have to repeatedly confirm emails, fees, and business progress, etc.
Unable to track whole business progress in time
Advantages of E-PORTS
Get a high quality integrated services around ship and ports
Get a reasonable price for shipping services
All shipping matters can be resolved efficiently
Platform Advantages
Monitoring Dashboard
Instant Communication Tool
Real-time Monitoring System
Visual Data Analytics
Monitoring Dashboard
Through tools and standardized charts, E-PORTS can display all details of entire business chain, improve efficiency, and predict potential risks, then avoid them in a reasonble way.
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